Frequently Asked Questions

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The benefits provided by our company are not available through traditional public and government mail services. Our benefits page offers more information!
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There is no limitation to how far in advance you can place your mail hold request.
The minimum amount of time needed is 24 hours prior to when you want the hold to start, with a latest filing time of Midnight EST. We recommend you schedule these requests as far ahead of time as possible.
Mail hold requests can be scheduled to last between 3 and 30 days.
We allow our customers to place as many mail hold requests as they like; however, these requests cannot be scheduled consecutively due to restrictions put in place by USPS. A minimum of 24 hours must exist between mail hold requests.
At the end of your request period, you can either have your carrier deliver it to your address, or stop in and pick it up from your local public mail office. You may also place special instructions on the request.