Why Choose US Post Hold Mail?

The Benefits Of Membership Can Save You A Bundle!

When seeing our primary service for the first time, it’s not unusual for customers to ask “Why do I need this?”. To put it simply, US Post Hold Mail provides an exceptional service that helps make your mail hold needs simple and eliminates the service scheduling restrictions commonly associated with public mail services. Additionally, we provide well-trained staff to support you while you set our services up and take advantage of everything US Post Hold Mail has to offer!

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USPS Mail Hold Request

For a period of one year, you can file an unlimited number of mail holds without restriction.

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Start Your Mail Hold Request On Any Date

When working with most public mail offices, you’ll be required to start your mail hold within 30 days of filling out their documentation. With our service, you can schedule your hold request for any date, perfect for customers with a busy schedule who like to plan ahead.

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Unlimited Mail Hold Requests

Public mail offices place a limit of one mail hold request per address. Our service makes it possible to set multiple requests simultaneously, making it easy to manage for customers who travel frequently and need an easy way to handle their hold services.

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Phone & Email Support

Our staff is available at any hour of the day to provide support with our services.

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